Well, The NFL’s playoffs are coming up and I think that a lot of teams have a chance of making it and some used to, but don’t have a chance anymore. Right now, the Indianappolis Colts have clinched their playoff spot and the Bengals basically have control of their division. San Diego Chargers are also a definite playoff team. The 4th team I would say is definitly going to the playoffs is the Denver Broncos. Then, there are the Wild Card spots. and I think that it is going to be close in that area. The New England Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguers are the teams claiming those spots now.

So, that was a background for you, and now I am going to pick the teams that I think are going to go into the playoffs. So, the Colts are already going to the playoffs, but I think their record will be 16-0. The Bengals and Chargers are tied at 9-3 right now. I think that the Chargers are going to win 3 of their next 4 games. So that would put them at 12-4. The Bengals are also going to go 12-4 in my opinion. I am not so sure about the Broncos kepping their position though. The Patriots are not the team they were when they had a 16-0 season. But, they are still capable of pulling something out. But, that doesn’t matter because the Broncos would still be in the playoffs, even if they lost a game. But, they do face the Colts, and the Eagles. I think they are going to lose both games. That would put them at 10-6. Then, the Patriots are a Wild Card right now. I think, at 7-5 right now, that they will go 10-6 also. I would say that they would beat the 7-5 Jacksonville Jaguers, but from what I’ve seen, I don’t think that the Pats can pull it off. I also think that the Jags are going to go 10-6. They are definitely going 10-6 in my opinion becuase they have the Colts, Miami, Cleveland, and the Patriots. They are going to lose to the Colts and win the rest of the games. Then we have the teams that are “IN THE HUNT”. I am going to say that many teams in this category are not going to go close. I think that the Miami Dolphins are not going to go. The Ravens have a chance, but it will be tough to do that with other teams probably going 10-6. And that’s the best record they are going to get. The rest of the teams have no chance. Especially the Steelers. They havea tough schedule and are not playing like the Super Bowl Champs. I think that the playoff picture will be, basically what it is now…

1.Colts  2. Bengals  3. Chargers  4. Dolphins  5. Broncos  6. Jaguers

Well, that is what I think it will look like in the playoffs. I am not so sure about the Ravens, but they do have the potential to get to the playoffs. This year will be interesting! So enjoy!!!


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