While You Were Sleeping…

I was thinking at a church play on Sunday, about a song that the choir was singing. The song is called “While You Were Sleeping”, by Casting Crowns. We have a CD with this song on it, but I had never thought of this until now. The song talks about how Bethlehem was sleeping and not aware of their king and savior being born. Then it goes on and talks about how America could be sleeping when our Savior comes to the earth again. Now, they didn’t use the part with America in the Christmas play because it was supposed to be in Bible times. But, since I knew the song, it got me thinking about how many people think about all the presents and toys instead of what Chrismas is really about. Now, I usually do that too. I did a lot better last year, but I do think that while opening the presents, there was no thought at all. I would understand why people woudn’t think about it all the time on Christmas day, although it would be good to. I also understand why many people don’t think of it when they don’t even know who Jesus or God is.  But that means that we should be reaching out to them instead of buying presents. Yes you can buy presents! But we also need to think of those who haven’t heard the Word of God. I am going to try to think of God this year and how he sent his son down to earth much more. I would suggest a little prayer time or worship time before opening presents. Maybe even after!

I hope everyone has a safe and merry holiday season! I also hope you will give some time thinking about this. Merry Christmas!


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