Christmas is Over

WOW! Christmas is over and I am amazed that the year is almost over. The year went so fast, especially December. It was going so fast that I said to my mom one day, “Hey Mom, what’s today’s date? Is it December 12, 2010?” Well, enough of that. One, because it’s 2009, and two, because I want to talk about Christmas. Christmas has a lot of ups and downs for me. Right now I am going to talk about the Downs

1. We host Chrismas at our house. So that means that there is a lot of cleaning and cooking to do.  Now, I love having family and friends over for a BBQ or something, that still means cleaning, but we do a ton of cleaning when it’s Chrismas time.

2. The mess after Christmas. Well, you know how there is always a big mess after Christmas day. We usually don’t clean it up until a week has gone by. But we do clean

3. Putting up and taking down the Chrismas decorations. I really like the tree and decorations outside, but I sometimes wish they would put themselves up, and then away. They always look so cool at night, and especially when we are opening presents around the tree.

Well, that’s all the stuff tight now that I can think of that I kinda don’t like about Christmas. Some things aren’t that bad. So, on to the next category…THE THINGS I LIKE ABOUT CHRISMAS!

I. Getting together with family. I love Chrismas afternoon when everyone is playing games, or with their presents. I also like Chrismas morning when everyone is around the tree and is about to open presents.

II. Presents! Everyone likes presents! Well, a lot of people at least. Having presents everywhere is makes everything very exciting. I think that seeing someone smiling while they open the present that you just gave them.

III. FOOD!!! The food is GREAT on Chrismas day. We have a tradition where my mom bakes Egg Souffle (This year my dad helped her out to make it quicker) and my grandmother bakes cinnamon rolls all for breakfast. They are delicious! The whole meal is delicious! I also love Lucnh, All the Ham, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and much, much more. I don’t think that any holiday meal (besides Thanksgiving) is better.

IV. Well, I aslo like celebrating Jesus’ birth. I think that having a prayer time, or holding a family caroling session before opening presents was great this year.  

Well, that’ all for now. I hope you had a wonderful Chrismas! I know I did!


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