Funky Season

The Steelers have done it again! They beat the Ravens 23-20 and it was a great game. If you look at the schedule for the Pittsburgh Steelers, they were good for 1 game. Bad for the next 2, great for the next five, and then horrible the following 5 games. But now they are back on track with a streak of 2 wins. And they weren’t against some teams like Oakland or Kansas City. They were against teams that had pretty good chances of taking the division title. So, the Steelers have really stepped it up since their games against the Chiefs and Raiders. I think they have a good chance of making the playoffs, but that means that they need to win their final game, and everyon else needs to lose their final game. One other team can win, but the rest need to lose. Now, the 7-8 teams are no threat to the Steelers if they win. But if they lose, well, they probably wont be a threat still, because the Steelers will be knocked out.

The next thing that I want to talk about is how well Mike Wallace (WR) is playing. I think that Wallace has the potential to take Hines Ward’s spot, or Santonio Holmes’ spot, if he leaves. He had 3 receptions for 83 yards. I think he is going to help the Steelers out later in the franchise. One other thing…HIS SPEED IS AMAZING! I was watching him when they played against the Packers and on the first play that the Steelers ran, Roethlisberger threw it down the field to Wallace and he caught it for a touchdown! Then he caught the game winning TD later in the game. So, he deffinatley will help the Offense out a lot.

Well, thank you for your time! And keep waving those TERRIBLE TOWLS!!


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