I went to my friends house yesterday and they got a Wii for Christmas. They also got Guitar Hero for the Wii.

They got the whole set including the drums, 2 guitars (they use 1 for the bass) and the mic. So, we had a “band session” together, I was on the Guitar. Before I played this, I thought that Guitar Hero wasn’t that fun. Well, last night I figured out that there is only 1 way that makes it really fun. When your doing the whole thing. The drums, bass, guitar, and microphone with friends. That is really the only way I like it. We played a few songs like Beat It, Eye of the Tiger, California Hotel (It was something like that), American Woman, and Livin on a Prayer. My favorite song to play on the guitar was Eye of the Tiger. That was pretty fun. Livin on a prayer was probably the easiest on the guitar for me, even though California Hotel (again, I don’t know if that was actually the name of it) was the slowest. I would have liked to try the drums if the symbols worked, but they needed another wire or something like that, so you only played one drum while doing the drum pedal at the same time. My friend sang Beat it and Eye of the Tiger and in both of them, he was going crazy! He was dancing around and singing funky stuff when you could say whatever you’d like. Then his dad sang the rest of them. When it was his turn to sing and he could say what ever he likes, he said stuff like, “Thank You Pittsburgh! We love you NEW YORRRRRRRK!! Thank You for letting us play here tonight!” It was fun! I found a way to play Guitar Hero and have Fun! I really didn’t like it with just the guitar. Well, that’s it for now!


6 thoughts on “CRAZY BAND!!

  1. Wow. Everyone likes Gutar Hero except me now. Maybe it’s because I play the guitar and I play it good enough to actually “Rock Out.” To me, pressing buttons is weird, but the fact is some people want to feel like they are on stage without all the learning (It’s actually not that much) and a video game is enough for them.

    By the way, has anyone here heard of Stevie Ray Vaughn? I saw him playing the guitar and he was playing with the guitar on his back.

  2. iatemyhatyesterday says:

    y do u play guitar hero if you can play just guitar? i think it would be funer. or funner. but that is not a word as far as my knolege, so i have made a way to spell it

    PS: did you know “a’int” has been added to the dictionary? of “ai’nt. i think its “ain’t” yeah, its “ain’t”

    • You do know that funner was added to the dictionary also. Right? And no, I did not know that ain’t was added to the dictionary.

      I do not like to play Guitar Hero if it’s just the guitar. What about you?!

  3. mr noname, DO NOT COMMENT ON mine or birdbrain77s blog because a strange guy was on my blog and from there he can get the link to bb77s, and then he can get to urs so look out!

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