Target That Chicken!!!

Well, here is the explanation for my blog title. Me and my friend were playing Madden 07 and I was losing by about 14 points, I think. So, he then scored a thouchdown because of a long pass to a wide open WR. So I just randomly said to my players, “UGH, TARGET THAT CHICKEN!!” while pointing to the WR on the screen. So, me and my friend have been saying that a lot now. It’s kinda died off, but we still use it occasionally. OH! I also remember that Andy, (the friend I was playing with) had watched a YOUTUBE video about, uh, let’s see… Oh, Mike Lange. He is a famous hockey announcer that said phrases like, “Get that dog off my lawnmower (emphasis on the “awn” part of lawn)!” and, “Scratch my back with a hacksaw!” and wierd stuff like that. So, Andy said that that could be one of the phrases for Lange. Well, that’s all for today!


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