The New Year!!

Well, the New Year has come and I am enjoying it. Except for the school part, I am enjoying everything. We have been getting a TON of snow compared to what the weather channel said. I would like to play some football in the snow with my friends but it has been to cold to get together outside lately. I would like to get an electric guitar this year if I can save up enough for it. I am looking at a stratacaster guitar. That was the first electric guitar I had ever played and I liked it the best, even compared to the Les Paul. I would like to try a few more out to make sure that I want a Strat. But there is plenty of time for that. I am learning a lot of worship songs on the acoustic guitar though.

I am going to try to practice my soccer playing a lot this spring so that I am fit for when the soccer season starts up in April (I think that’s when it starts). I am going to try to play for the school team this year. I also want to see if I have time for Flag Football some time this year. I don’t know when the season is, escept for this one league were the season is from August to October I think. But I play fall soccer then so I don’t really think that I have time for that. Especially if I am playing for the school soccer team this year. I want to find one were the season is in the spring or end of Summer so that I can have a sport that I play during that time of year. I do swimming from the begging of the summer to the middle of it. Then I do Soccer from September to November, then actually, I think it’s March to May. So, I want to see if there is a season that is in between some of that.

I am really looking foreward to spring, even though I haven’t donme everything I have wanted to during htis cold time of year. I have done most of the things, except for the football, and a few other things. Last year, we had a footbal game were it was 2 on 2 in the snow at my friends house. My team was losing 78 to 20 or something like that, when we had a play were I threw the ball, then my friend dove into the snow and caught the ball. It was amazing! That was the only good thing that happend in that game for us. I am hoping that if we play this year, it will go better. Maybe we will win 78-27!

I am hoping that this year will be a good one! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And enjoy the snow!


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