Playoff Predictions

The Playoffs are here and I’m excited to see who wins and who loses! What I am not happy about is that the Steelers are not in the Playoffs, but that’s not what I am here to talk about. I’m here to talk about who I think will win the playoffs games. Fist though, I would like to give this website address to anyone who thinks they are football know it alls. The website is It’s basically a football trivia game that asks you a bunch of questions about past Super Bowls. Well, my high score on that trivia thing is 14 points. I was rated first year captain. I had 132 total yards and got 12\20 questions correct. Well, back to what I mainly wanted to talk about. By the way, if you don’t want to read all my little explainations for the outcomes of the game, then I am wrote what all I think the scores will be down at the bottom:-).

Well, this is basically what the playoff picture is…

AFC: Round 1

Game 1A: New York Jets @ Cincinnati Bengals

Game 2A:  Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

NFC: Round 1

Game 1N: Philidalphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

Game 2N: Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals

AFC: Round 2

Game 3A: Winner of Game 1A @ Indianapolis Colts

Game 4A: Winner of Game 2A @ Sandiego Chargers

NFC: Round 2

Game 3N: Winner of Game 1N @ New Oleans Saints

Game 4N: Winner of Game 2N @ Minnesota Vikings

AFC: Round 3

Game 5A: Winner of Game 3A @ Winner of Game 4A

NFC: Round 3

Game 5N: Winner of Game 3N @ Winner of Game 4N

Super Bowl: Winner Of Game 5A @ Winner of Game 5N

Well, that was a lot of writing. I just wanted to give you a backround of the playoffs. So, back to my predictions. First up, NY Jets at Cincy Bengals. I think this game is going to be a lot different than when they played eachother in the last game of their seasons (They played each other then). The Jets dominated the game. But that is because the Bengals really weren’t trying. They already had the playoff spot, so they saved there energy for this week. I think that that will cost them a little bit though. I really think that they should have tried harder than what they did. Then, it would be a sure win for the Bengals in my mind. I still think the Bengals are going to win, I just think that they aren’t going to win as impressively as they would have. I think the final score will be 24-23, Bengals.

The next game is the Baltimore Ravens against the New Englan Patriots. The Patriots haven’t been playing as well as they were two years ago. They played O.K. last year, Sort of how they played this year. I think that the Ravens are going to win this one because the Patriots are also missing their number 1 reciever, Wes Welker. That will hurt the Patriots big time. And the Ravens are number 1 on defence this year and I don’t think they are going to let up, at all. The outcome of this game, in my opinion, will be 24-17 Ravens.

The next game is Phily Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys. Their last meeting was won by the Cowboys. And I think it will be the same way in the playoffs. I really don’t have much to say about this one except that the Cowboys will win, 27-20.

The next game is Green Bay Packers at the Arizona Cardinals. I really think that the Green Bay Packers are going to win this one because I don’t see anything in the Arizona Cardinals except a pretty good passing game. And the Packers have it all in my opinion. So my prediction for this game is 28-23 Packers.

The 5th game I am going to talk about is the Cincinnati Bengals at the Indianapolis Colts. I really think that the Colts are goingto win this one. The Colts have a lot of weapons and are going to use them. The Colts win 10-7. As you can see, it will be a close game in my opinion, but I really don’t see the Bengals pulling it out.

The 6th game (Boy, this is taking a while.) is the Baltimore Ravens at the Sandiego Chargers. If some one asked me who I thought would win this game, I would right away say the Chargers. They have been amazing this year, and I think they have the potential to get to the Super Bowl. I am going to say 27-14, Chargers on this one.

The 7th game is going to be AMAZING. the 13-3 Saints go to battle the 11-5 Cowboys. I think that the Cowboys are going to win this one just barely. I think that the Saints haven’t been playing on full power lately. That’s how they got their 3 losses. I think that the final score of this one is going to be 34-31 Cowboys.

The next game should be interesting. The Green Bay Packers against the Minnesota Vikings. The funny thing is that Brett Favre is on the Vikings and his former team is the Packers. I think the Vikings are going to win this one 20-17. It will be a fun game to watch, just like the last meeting these two teams had.

The Final round will be a real show. In the AFC, I think that the 2 teams that will clash helmets are the Colts and Chargers. In the NFC, my opinion is that the Cowboys and Vikings will face off. In the AFC, I think that the Chargers (13-3) are going to pull off a big win against the 14-2 Colts. I think that the final score will be 21-20. In the NFC, The Vikings are definitley goingto win. I really don’t think the Cowboys will be in the leaders for a long period of time in this game. I think that the Vikings will pull off a 23-17 win. Then the last game of the season, the SUPER BOWL. In Super Bowl XLIV, I think it will be the Sandiego Chargers against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings and Chargers are reall, really good teams and they have played wonderful this year. I think it will be close but I think the new defending champs will be the Sandiego Chargers. I think they will pull a close one out of the bag and win the game. My prediction is that the Champs will be the Chargers and the score will be 24-21.

Wow that was a lot of writing. Well, I said I would put a little summary down here, so here it is:

Game 1A: Cinccinati, 24-23 | Game 2A: Baltimore, 24-17 | Game 1N: Dallas, 27-20 | Game 2N: Green Bay, 28-23 | Game 3A: Indianapolis, 10-7 | Game 4A: Sandiego, 27-14 | Game 3N: Dallas 34-31 | Game 4N: Minnesota, 20-17 | Game 5A: Sandiego,  21-20 | Game 5N: Minnesota, 23-17 |

SUPER BOWL XLIV: Sandiego Chargers, 24-21.

Well, there it is. I hope you enjoyed my predictions! Have a great New Year!


7 thoughts on “Playoff Predictions

  1. Birdbrain77 says:

    How do you expect the cowboys to beat the Eagles? I think that game is going to be total a creamification station that the Eagles will set up. Philly has enough talent that if the O-line just doesn’t collapse within two seconds they can score. And the defense is one of the most underrated in the league. And the Bengals-Colts game will be close, but I would nto put my money on 10-7. I would say that it would be more like 28-31.

    • Umm, just to let you know, your only the second person that has said to me that the Eagles will win. Everyone else says that the Cowboys will win. All the guys on NFL Network said that Dallas would win too. It is going to be close! I really don’t think that it will be a creamification game.

  2. Those three posts are all just slightly different. Two are by Andrew…what’s going on? Why are all there posts here? Why are they all the same? Life is full of questions to ask yourself…

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