Guitar Adventure

Well, I changed my strings on my guitar (Most of them) on Friday. It’s the first time I have ever done it. So, the first time I started to put on the string I noticed how clean it was compared to my 3 or 4 year old string that was there. I wondered why I never noticed how dirty they were. Then I wondered why it took me 3 years to realize that I needed to change them. My D string broke about 2 years ago probably, and I didn’t even think of changing them then. I just went to my guitar teacher and said, “My D string broke, can you put a new one on? (give him pack of strings.) Guitar Teacher: “Sure!” So, that solved that problem. Another thing that I thought about while putting the strings on was why my teacher didn’t say that I should change them all. Anyways, I was playing about two weeks ago, set it on my guitar stand walked out of the room to eat lunch or something, walked back in picked it up and put my fingers down in the shape of an E chord, which involves putting my middle finger on the D string. That’s when I noticed that the string had snappped while I was gone. And It’s funny because the other time that it broke It was the same string, and It happend while I was gone and it was sitting in the case. Another note, My friend, Andy, (also birdbrain77 on WordPress. His website is he also has a guitar, his strings always break while he is there tuning them. It’s the exact opposite. Anyways, I tuned every single string last night (Friday) except 1, the G string. I can’t seem to get it off the guitar. So, I am having a good time playing the guitar, and if you have guitar and would like to play, I would recomend JAMPLAY. It’s an online lesson website for the gutiar. I use it now instead of doing lessons at a store or lesson building or whatever. Right now I am learing the blues on it. You can learn Rock, Classical, Blues, and all sorts of stuff. Here is the web address: Simple! Well, that’s all for now! I hope you enjoy playing the guitar as much as I do! See Ya!


3 thoughts on “Guitar Adventure

  1. How are you breaking your D-string? I’ve never broke that string. Usually I’ll break either the high E or the B string, after bending them.

    People have differing opinions about how often players should change strings. But, I think it’s safe to say 3 years is probably too long. Besides all the other reasons, there’s something that just feels good about playing a guitar with new strings on it.

    Yeah, JamPlay is great. I wrote a review here: Jam Play Review>.

    • I don’t know how I am breaking it because it always breaks while I am gone. I do know that I noticed the steel around the string had torn off at the 2nd fret, But just were the fret was touching it. That’s were it broke. And just to let you know, I have a classical guitar. I have nylon strings on it so it is hard to beak the high E, B, and G.

    • birdbrain77 says:

      Yeah, playing with new strings is great! It just sounds so much brighter. My strings might last so long that my guitar sounds like a piano, and that’s not good-although I like darker sounding strings. And I like your JAMPLAY review, but maybe you should try Hawaiian SLack Key. It’s actually a lot of fun. It sounds a bit like delta blues. I enjoyed the whole set of lessons. So don’t go around saying slack key is weird, because someday…

      the slack key monsters will find you…

      just kidding! But otherwise good review.

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