I had one of my friends sleep over and another that just stayed for the evening. It was fun! The first thing that we did was go outside and play football, when I rembered that we had theses lacross type sticks. They didn’t have the whole handle, and instead of nets, they had a cup with a back board on it. So, I grabbed them and asked if my two friends wanted to use them, and they said yes. Then, Andy (the one sleeping over, also known as birdbrain77 on wordpress) said that we should play “football” with them. So, we played this thing we always play with 3 people, we have a quarter back, wide receiver, and corner back. The QB and WR have 4 downs to make it too the endzone. And then the corner back just tries to stop them, it’s that simple. We found out very quickly that it was not simple with these thingies. The first problem was that we couldn’t catch. Or throw. It was super hard. Then, Andy said that we should probably just keep say that even when the ball falls on the ground, you still play it. So, then the second problem was that we could scoop the ball off the ground. Because it was so muddy, we made a TON of divits in my yard. It was terrible, BUT FUN! That’s a game that we will play a lot now when people come over. AWESOME! LOOTBALL! A mix of Lacross and Football. LOOTBALL!!!!


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