I have no idea what to blog about, so I am going to do a random subject that might not be that interesting.

Umm, who has a pet? I know I have have more than 4! We have a dog, 2 cats, 2 fish, and a hamster. It gets a little overwhelming sometimes. (If I spelled over-well-ming wrong, please let me know).

I really like having them though. I love playing with my cats, playing ball with my dog, (only when she is ready to play fetch and not run away with the ball.) and watching my fish swim around. The hamster isn’t mine, but it is part of the family. I guess.

I love my pets, even though they can be a pain, I still love them! Oh! Here is an example of when my dog can be a pain. One evening, in a span of one and a half hours, I had to take my dog out 6 times! It was tedious! Ugh. Anyways, That’s my post for the day! Sorry it wasn’t as interesting as others I have done.


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