New Orleans is Fired Up!!!

The Saints won the Super Bowl!!! They won the game 31-17 and they did it really well. I don’t know why everyone thought the Saints would lose to the Colts. I saw that the Saints had an emotional reason to play the game. I saw they really wanted to give New Orleans a big, and I mean BIG, boost. I think that the Saints were playing with more emotion than the Colts. The Colts and the Saints were a great show last night and I think that if Peyton Manning wouldn’t have thrwon that interception, they would have gone into overtime. Now, I don’t know who would have won in overtime. Actually yes. I do know. It would have been the team to get the ball first.

Drew Brees was amazing and so was Peyton Manning. Drew Brees was 32/39 and Peyton Manning was 31/45. As you can see, Manning stepped back in the pocket more than Drew Brees. And that made Drew Brees’ rating a lot better I think.  I still think that Brees would have gotten a really good rating anyways. I think that the Colts “D” was very good, but their coverage was not as good as the Saints. BUT! Peyton was AMAZING at getting the ball in the windows that were about 6 inches wide. They probably weren’t that small but they were very, very small. Drew Brees did not have as many WR that were really good to through to as Peyton did.

Both teams running games were amazing! Especially the Colts. With the last rushing offence in the NFL, they really showed that they could run. The Saints were not expecting to have to stop the run. They were excpecting the Colts to pass a lot with Peyton, so there was a lot of missed tackles on the Saints side. There were a lot of missed tackles on the Colts side also, but that is because the Saints RB are amazing! Ever since Reggie Bush stepped his game up and started to hit people, he’s been AWESOME. New Orleans has two running backs that can do just about anything, especially Reggie. With a super long and high, Reggie bush will beat a lot of guys.

The Colts have a pretty good running game. Actually very good, if they use it. And if they do, I think they could easily go 16-0 for the next few years. The Colts should be going to the Super Bowl a lot more with the players they have. I don’t think the Saints will make it next year. I actually think that the next Super Bowl will be either the Eagles and Colts or if Brett Favre comes back, Vikings and Colts. I think the Vikings and Colts would be an amazing game. The Vikings would win that one I think. Well, that’s it! Congrats to the Saints!!!


3 thoughts on “New Orleans is Fired Up!!!

  1. How much longer do you think that Peyton manning can be this awesome? He’s been this awesome for his whole career. Do you think he can play this well next year? If he does, then maybe they will go 16-0, but the fact is that, while the young receivers are great, the QB who will fill manning’s shoes is Curtis Painter. If Manning goes downhill, then the Colts are going to be a joke until they get a QB.

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