Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Make it STOP!

Everyone is hating the snow right now. It’s up to 19 inches in our yard, but in others, it’s about 24. I wasn’t expecting all this snow when I heard that a storm was coming. I thought that the snow might go half way up my knees. It’s up and over my knees! Well, it’s kind of fun having all this snow, except for the shoveling part. My dad did most of it, then he left to go to Atlanta Georgia and I had to start doing a lot of the shoveling.

Me and one of my sisters made a fort with a tunnel that is probably about a yard and a half long and two feet high. The height might be a little under, actually, I think that’s about it. Anyways, it’s big enough for me to do an army crawl through it. We made 3 chairs that look like Yoda’s seat in the Jedi Council.

Except the back is a little flatter. We also made some caves, that collapsed the next day.

Since it snowed another 4-5 inches yesterday, we are probably going to have to clear our tunnel out and then make it bigger. It keaps getting smaller, height wise, every day. So then we shave a little off the top and then it’s normal again! We also put some icicles on top of our little “castle”. My sister said that we should make some snow balls just incase we have intruders. I said no. But if mr birdbrain77 is coming, I”ll make some for him.:-)

Anyways, I have had some fun and some work with this snow. I was amazed when it first came down. Here are some pics!


4 thoughts on “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Make it STOP!

  1. Noname, thanks for saving the snowballs for me! But wait…are you going to throw them? Is it going to be a sort of thing where I come into your fort and then you say, “Target that chicken!” and then attack me? Help!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That thing was crazy!!! Looking back on it, I hope we don’t get that much snow again. The only fun thing about it is that you can make cool forts. Like ours. The tunnel was totally AWESOME! I am glad it is spring…

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