A Day With Stuffed Animals

No, these are not the stuffed animals that you play with. These animals, used to be alive. But now they’re at CABELA’S! This place is amazing! I went there on Saturday because my Mom and Dad went down town to celebrate my Mom’s birthday! Cabela’s is a sporting and hunting goods store, that has a bunch of fish, moose, deer, elephants, zebras, everything!! (Well, not everything.) And it was all stuffed! Except the fish, they were alive.

The first thing we saw was this great big statue right outside the door. It looks awesome! There is a bear, eagle, fish, and other things that I can’t remember on it. I didn’t bring my camera so I’ll just take pictures off the internet.

By the Way, I don’t know the people in front of the statue. Just a little bit of info. Anyways, then we walked in and there was a HUGE mountain in front of us. It had animals all over it! It looked really cool. Then we went left to the aquarium. The aquarium wasn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting a really big wall of all sorts of fish. I was right on all the fish part, but it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. In the tank, they had a cat-fish that was about 2 feet long! It was really big.

Then we went to the shooting range they have. It was fun. You basically had a rifle that shot a laser over to the target, well, wherever you aimed. I got a score of 50. And you could get a total of 200 points. But, everyone said that I did really well. So, I guess I did really well.

Then we went to the Africa section of Cabela’s. It had an elephant, zebras, lions, buffalo, hyenas, and all sorts of African animals. They even had the lions defending a zebra that they had killed from the hyenas. I really like that place. OH! They also had a crocodile in their that looked like it just swallowed a bird. It had feathers in it’s mouth.

Then, we went to the Deer Hall, where they had a lot of white tailed deer. They had a ton of bucks. And they were nice bucks too. I thought some of them looked very unusal though. With theie antlers growing towards the ground. I thought that most of them looked the same also. But they were beautiful!

Then we went to see the mountain in the center of the room. They had a lot of stuffed moose, polar bears, white tailed deer, grizzley bears, wolfs, and a lot more. But they had a lot of mountain goats.

Well, I hope you can visit Cabela’s someday! I loved it very much!


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