Well, I had my friends Matthew, John, and John’s friend Colon over to play hockey up at our hockey deck. Well, we used the basketball courts because someone was using the deck. At first, John wanted Colon on his team. But that was just crush in the first 2 minutes. So we switched it up to John and Matthew (who called themselves the Penguins) vs. Me and Colon (and we were the Red Wings).



It was a very even game at first. Really Matt and John kept throwing shots at us while Colon and I kept blocking them. The first team to score was the Pens. John passed a beautiful pass to Matt who did a one timer in to the goal. Matthew and John kept doing this really funny celebration where they would take eachothers hands and then make this Ka-Kawing sound while waving their other arm like a wing. Me and Colon just high-fived. The next team to score was us, The Red Wings. Colon got the ball back behind our goal who passed it way up to me which I juked John and then hit it between Matt’s legs. Then Matt and John scored 2 more goals, then we scored 1. So half way through the first half (We played halfs as you can tell) it was 3-2.

Colon, then was in the tennis courts (Because the tennis courts and basket ball court are in the same fence) because the ball went all the way to the otherside, so he kinda lobbed the ball right to John. So that left me against Matthew and John. And Colon isn’t that fast so he couldn’t get there before they scored an easy goal on me. After Colon came back, I said to him, “Don’t do that again, please. That was horrible on both parts.” After that it went down hill. The Penguins got two more goals to make it 5-2. Then we got one goal by just passing it back and forth until we got to the goal where I shot it and the ball hit Matthew’s leg and bounced into the goal. Then there was a tough battle for about 5 minutes. Then, John scored his first goal! He went down the court/deck by himself and shot it between both colon and my legs for a goal. He was really, and I mean really excited. Then we came back to get another goal to make it 6-3. That was half time then.

After halftime, we started up and Colon scored 2 goals and I scored one to tie it up! Then, we scored 5 strait goals on the Pens and we were ahead by 5!

Actually, I think that all those goals were scored by Colon, but I’m not sure. So it’s 11-6 us. I think I scored one of them. Anyways, the Pens came back and scored once, then we scored. That last one that we scored was scored by me. Then! It got horrible! They actually scored 6 strait points to make it 13-12! Then we ended. It was exciting, fun, and hilarious! I want to do it again some day! Have Fun!


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