Oops! Playoff Mistake!

I’m sorry! I said that the Buffalo Sabres were leading the series 3-2, but they are losing 3-2. I got the teams mixed up. I still think that my predictions are pretty much right though. It’s just that the Boston Bruins are playing the Penguins now. They won the game 4-3, and won the series 4-2.

So, I think that the series then will turn out to be an almost easy series for the Pens. I think that the Pens are going to win the series at most, 4-2. I think that the Pens might win it 4-0 actually! But! The Penguins still need remember that they are playing a playoff team. Usually, playoff teams aren’t going to be a fly by every game. They need to come into this knowing that they could lose this if they come in the wrong way. Thanks! Enjoy this series!!



3 thoughts on “Oops! Playoff Mistake!

  1. birdbrain77 says:

    The Pens are dropping this one. I can feel it in my bones. And I trust my bones, because they haven’t cracked yet.

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