Played Against One of my Best Friends!!

Hey! I played a soccer game against one of my best friends (I have a lot of them), Matthew. I talked about him in the “Hockey!!” post where me and 3 of my friends (one of them Matthew) went down to play some 2 on 2 hockey. It was fun. Anyways, I play on a U-14 soccer team and I played against Matt on Friday! It was SUPER fun! Even though we lost 1-0.

At first it was back and forth, then Matt’s team took the momentum. Though they didn’t score. They only had it for about 4 or 5 minutes and then it went back and forth again. They had some 20 second offensive chances and we had some 20 second chances but no one could score against the other team’s D. Then we went into have time. After coming back out, we sort of lost momentum and had to keep clearing the ball out and then they would get the 50/50 ball and then we would clear it and then the whole process repeated.

Then, Matt scored! And only because our goalie hit it in. Instead of punching the ball, our goalie tried to catch it. Then he knocked it in. Now, that is a tough decision to make, to catch it or punch it. Because punghing just clears it where the other team could easily just take it and shoot it again. But catching it gives YOU the ball. Anyways, they scored with 21 minutes left in the game. Then it was back and forth again.

Then the last 8 minutes of the game were super fun. We had the ball in their end of the field basically the whole time! So, it was all offence. But their defence was amazing! The goalie barely did anything! We had about 5 or 7 shots in that 8 minutes. Amazing!

Oh well! At least I had fun. Rivalry is so fun! And I get to play him again this spring!!


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