ANOTHER Playoff mistake!

I messed up again!! The Penguins were not going to play the Boston Bruins. They were only going to play them if the Washington Capitals beat the Canadiens. If the Canadiens won, the Pens would play them (Montreal).


I just don’t know hockey as well as I think I do. Anyways, the Montreal Canadiens won and that means that we are playing them. So, I think that we are going to play very well against them. Although I think that the Canadiens are going to play well also. This is going to be a good series. Unless the Penguins take control of this one. I don’t think that the Canadiens are going to grab this one easily. I think that if they do take it, the series would go to game 7. I actually think that the Penguins are going to take it 4-3. The first game will probably 3-2 Montreal in overtime. I think that Crosby and Talbot are going to score the two goals for the Pens. I don’t know any Canadiens players, so I wont guess on them. Then I think that the Pens are going to win the next two games. The first one 5-3, and the second one 2-1 in overtime. Then the Canadiens are going to win 4-2 to make the series 2-2. Then the Penguins will win 1-0. Marc-Andre Fleury will play super great in that game and I think that Malkin will get the only goal. He has been playing amazing lately, but so has Crosby. The two-headed monster has scored a ton of goals and I think that Corsby and Malkin will be a big part in this series, as they were in the last series.

(Crosby)                                                        (Malkin)

But then the Canadiens are going to win the next game to tie it at 3. I think the score of that game will be 6-5 Canadiens in overtime. Crosby is going to have two goals in that game and Marc-Andre Fleury will be very good in this game. But both teams are going to be to good for the goalies. Then the last game could go to any one. I think that the Penguins would have a better chance at winning though. Because they have home advantage then and the Penguins are really skilled.

This is going to be an exciting series. I just hope that the Penguins win! It could be either team though.



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