Making Jokes is Fun!

Hey! I just made up a joke that I hope you like!

I always wondered how they got the name “breakfast” for breakfast. Do you break something really fast? NO!! Well then why was it called that? Well, I figured it out yesterday! We were getting ready for church when my mom came out of the shower just as everyone else was heading for the car. So she said, “I’m not going to eat so we can get there on time.” Well, she didn’t! That’s when I figured it out! Everyone must not have had time to eat their breakfast before they had to go to church! So it’s kind of like you’re taking a really quick break to eat. BUT!! It was ALWAYS Super fast. Either that… Or they didn’t have very good breakfast choices back when they named it. And for that! They must have been something like this… 

“Ok guys. Mom says we need to eat our first meal of the day. We’re having cockroaches for the first meal of the day. So, let’s take a break to eat (Or pretend to) super fast and then let’s get back to playing!”

Yeah. I’m glad we’re not having COCKROACHES for breakfast! See! They were breaking fopr a horrible first meal and doing SUPER quickly! Ha, Ha HA!!! I love our breakfasts today! Even though the name of the meal is wierd.


Of course… Who came up with Lunch, and Dinner? Well, that’s for another time! See Ya!

I hope you enjoyed that!


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