Pittsburgh, a City of Champs!

I was playing around today on the internet, and I wondered who had the most Stanley Cup wins (And to my surprise it was the Canadiens. I thought it was the Red Wings). So, I looked it up and I found out that Pittsburgh is actually in the number 8 slot for winning the Stanley Cup. We have won it 3 times! I don’t know how we are in 8th, but we are.

Now I know the Steelers are 1st in Super Bowl wins in the NFL. So, I didn’t look that up. But I did look up how many the Pirates have and where they are in the most World Series wins. So, not surprisingly, the Yankees appeared in first place. Then, the Pirates were in 7th with only 5 wins! I was totally surprised. Now, I knew that we had 5 World Series Championships (because the Pirates were actually good back then.) but 7th place?! Just with 5 wins?! I couldn’t believe it!

Well, I just wanted to share that with you. Thanks! I hope the Pirates do better this season! And start winning some more. Oh, I felt bad for them on Monday. It was the bottom of the 4th and they were down 6-1 against… I think it was the A’s. Hold on. Let me look it up…

Ok. They were against the Phillies. And I also was flipping through the channels in our guide when I saw a Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees game. So I said, “This one should be better.” It wasn’t. The Yankees were betting the Red Sox 6-1 also. I don’t like baseball that much. Well, at least watching it. Playing it is fun. Not watching though. Have Fun!


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