Who? What? Where? And…Why?

I saw this coming after yesterday (actually yesterday is when I heard that they were even considering this). I went onto www.nfl.com, and there it was. The first headline was talking all about it. It! It! I didn’t think this would happen. At least not now. I thought maybe in 20… 2015! (Or maybe as a joke, in 2012. ‘Cause the world is “going to end”. Get it? I don’t really think it will end then. Although, it could.)

What is this “it” I’m talking about? It is the National Football League deciding that the Super Bowl will be held in…

Can you guess it? How about now?

No? Or yes? Ok, how about now?

There you go! New York City! This is amazing. Of course they are going to hold it in New York for Super Bowl XLVIII (48), which is going to be 2014. Wow. That seems like a long ways away and yet, it’s only 4 years. Well, I guess it is far away. Anyways, I think that it’s a good idea, yet bad idea. Some teams aren’t used to playing in cold weather, so the game wont be as fair. But, when a team wins, it will be more of an accomplishment. Because you beat mother nature if it is cold out, and the team you played against.

I want you to comment on what you think about all this! My conclusion is that it is a good idea. Well, I think it is good and bad. Because it might make it easier for one team to lose or win. Anyways, Please Comment!



One thought on “Who? What? Where? And…Why?

  1. This is 100% a good idea. The NFL should let Lambeau field and Heinz field host superbowls. You are saying it gives cold-weather teams an advantage, but doesn’t the current system give the warm-weather teams an advantage? Totally a good idea – if anyone complains they don’t know what they are talking about.

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