Start Your Engines!!

The Stanley Cup final is here! And the two teams competing for the cup are the Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Blackhawks. The Philadelphia Flyers won last night, Monday May 24th, and are going to the Stanley Cup. The Chicago Blackhawks won on Sunday, May 23rd. The Flyers beat the Montreal Canadiens and the Blackhawks beat the San Jose Sharks.

Well, the season is over for the Canadiens and Sharks. With the loss last night the Canadiens ended what seemed like a championship season. The Canadiens had 6 other games they could have been knocked out in, but they fought back and the teams they were playing didn’t. The Flyers did what the Penguins and Capitals couldn’t, which was put the Canadiens away when they had the chance. The Blackhawks did a great job of that all the way through the playoffs.

So! The Stanley Cup winner will either be the Chicago Blackhawks or Philadelphia Flyers.


I think that the Flyers are going to make it tough for the Blackhawks to win the Cup. And the Blackhawks are going to make it really tough for the Flyers. I think that Chigago is going to win this series 4-2. I don’t think that the Flyers are as good as a team as the Blackhawks. I hope you enjoy this series! Oh, and I am rooting for the Flyers because they are the next closest team to me, and I just don’t want the Blackhawks to win for some reason. I don’t know why either, but I don’t like the Hawks. See Ya!


4 thoughts on “Start Your Engines!!

  1. I think Philly is a defensive team. If they can’t play defense, they can’t win. They play offense OK, but if their defense is not spectacular the Blackhawks can get to it and exploit it easily. Both goalies appear to be good, but slightly inconsistent. I like the Flyers to win the series, though. Philly will play great defense, and I believe that these games will be mostly low-scoring. The blackhawks will win 3 games in the series-I think they will win one of them 7-1. But other than that, hardly any scoring and philly prevails.

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