Umm, remmus is summer backwards. But, summer is here! The warm weather, pools, picnics, it’s all here! I love summer. There is a lot of stuff to do during the summer, because you don’t have school all day, but also because there are tons of things to do in the warmth. I love going swimming. I am on a swim team (I am keeping track of that for you on a different page) and I swim almost every day because of that. I have practices every weekday in the morning. Sometimes I get tired of going in the pool every morning. Our pool doesn’t have a heater, so it gets pretty cold. I can’t wait to start doing summer things! Have fun!


One thought on “!!remmuS

  1. I’m going to have the tsrow remmus ever! (worst summer ever) Well, I don’t know about worst, but it will be hard.

    Have fyou hugged your foot today?
    -Birdbrain77 has left the building

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