Electric Guitar!!

Guess what?!?!?!? I got an electric guitar!!! It is a Laguna LE200.

Cool, isn’t it? It is an Laguna LE200. That close up of the guitar is a bright red because of the flash. It really isn’t that bright. I got the amplifier and stand with the guitar, all for $200! The amp is a 10 watt Fender Amp. The Laguna LE200 in Guitar Center or other music stores is usually $250. So it was a really good deal. And it plays like new! It was bought in October of 2009, and the guy said that he had barely played it. My friend birdbrain77 just got a 12 string guitar. And he has an electric. So, we can have a lot of fun now! Cool! Have fun this Summer! And Happy Father’s Day!!!!! 😀


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