Idlewild is definitely wild and exciting. But as I said to my friend, Andy or birdbrain77, Kennywood is a lot more fun. We had a lot of fun anyways, because Idlewild is fun.

As you can expect, My family went to Idlewild Park. Idlewild is an Amusement park. We went because my sisters had a show they had to do there for their baton group.

The JOYFUL TWIRLERS. Since they were performing there, we got in for less. That was nice for my parents. Well, my friend Andy went as well because his sister is in the same group, so we went on rides together while the rest of our families went there separate ways as well.

So, the first ride we went on was the Paratroopers.

It’s a nice ride to get started on and is still fun. So, we got on and the ride starts up. We do the normal thing, go up and spin round and round in those seats.


It was more fun than I had expected because I hadn’t been on a ride like this since last summer and it went higher than I expected. Oh, and the nice thing about Idlewild is that it’s a fun park that doesn’t have huge lines. So, we got on the Paratroopers fairly quick. Then, we started to slow down while we were in the air. Andy and I noticed it and we were both wondering what was going on. After a while, we were almost slowed down the whole way! Then, we started to go down. And when we stopped, we had basically just gotten on to the starting position. So, that was a freaky ride on the Paratrooper. Because usually, you go down first, then slow down.

The next ride was the Spider which Andy describes as rickety bathtubs on legs…

Basically, There are cars that can spin around while the whole thing is spinning around. Get it? Those Bathtub looking cars at the end of each leg can spin any direction that you or the force of it self or whatever makes spin. Then, all those legs spin and it makes a whole lot of spinning.

We went on that ride 3 times because it is actually pretty fun!

Well, we went on a bunch of different rides, but I am going to tell you about two of them, and something else. The next ride I am going to talk about is the Tilt-A-Whirl. The Tilt-A-Whirl is a pretty fun ride even though it looks like a little kid ride. It is sort of the same concept as the Spider except that you are in what my dad calls a “teacup”. It is an egg looking thing. It goes around in a circle and goes up and down, but not high at all. Then the “teacup” or car spins around by itself. Just like the Spider cars or “bathtubs”. Well, we went on that and we made it spin REALLY fast. Then, we went and rode other rides.

Then, we got on it twice in a row! My friend said that he got really dizzy because we went REALLY fast again, both times.

We also went on the Wild Mouse.

It is the best roller coaster at Idlewild Park! The other one isn’t that much fun. Anyways, the wild mouse really only has two large hills, then the whole ride is a bunch of sharp turns and jerking around and all that.

Well, that’s it! I loved riding all the rides and hangin’ with my friend Andy! I can’t wait to go to Kennywood next week! I’ll tell you all about that afterwards. I really want to go on the Sky Rocket! That’s their new coaster.

See ya!!


One thought on “IdleWILD

  1. BEST DAY EVER! Even though I got so dizzy on the tilt-a-whirl that I am still dizzy 3 days later and am still having mental issues because of it, still best day!

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