Father’s Day Thought

Ok. This is SUPER late, but I forgot that I was writing this. So, I am going to keep going with it because it is an important topic…

* * * * * * * *

Happy Father’s Day!!! Well, Happy 4th of July!  I hope you all are having a great 4th of July and had a great Father’s day! I am and did! Well, we were talking about something in my Sunday School class today and I thought it would be great to put on here!

My teacher, John, was talking about how we should honor our dads today. We were all saying, “We could bake him a cake!” or “We gave him a bunch of Father’s day cards!” and all that stuff. Well, then he threw this question out. If God is our Father, then why don’t we do anything for Him on Father’s Day?! He IS our Father, right? He made us! He cared and cares for us! He made all things! He is the Father of all things. Kings, Regular people, Amusement park workers, guitar players, piano players, Fathers, EVERYTHING!

So, what will you do this or next Father’s day? Try to spend some time with God as well as your earthly Father. Read the Bible, pray, do something with God. I hope you do! I know I didn’t, but I am going to try, make that I am going to spend time next time!

Actually, you don’t only spend time with our heavenly Father only on Father’s day. Do it whenever wherever, just spend time with God! Have a good week and enjoy the holiday!


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