Lines, Lines, Lines

I hate it when there are no lines that are shorter than 20 minutes to get on the ride! But, I still had fun. I am talking about Kennywood.

We went to Kennywood on Saturday, July 10th and it was pretty fun except for the LINES!!! We went with our aunt and her friends, and our friends. Well, My aunt and her friends went and rode stuff by themselves most of the day. While my family and our friends went and rode rides. First we went to eat lunch because we were all getting kind of hungry by the time we sat down at our pavilion. And we were there anyways so we just ate lunch, which was peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches. Then, we went to the back of the park. Our friends said that that was the best thing to do, since usually everyone came in and rode the rides in the front of the park. So, we went to the back and rode a few rides.

One of those rides that we rode was the…


Well, I have NEVER ridden that ride, so this was a first. And boy was it a surprising first! We got on and it started to swing. I thought, “This is kind of fun!” Well, then it got highter, and I was thinking, “Wow this is really high. WHOA!! Ok, I bet that’s as high as it goes right there.” Well, I was wrong… “WHOA!! I fell like we are going to spin the whole way around!!! It’s not supposed to do that!” And it went even higher one more time! Someone’s necklace flew off there neck when we went the highest. Then, finally we started to get lowered down. That was a shocker!! When you are on that ride, you fell like you are going to flip over, or at least go higher than it looks on the ground.

Well, we rode a lot of rides that I have rode before. Actually, I think that was the only new ride I rode. Because we got in line for the Sky Rocket,

Kennywood’s newest ride. We waited for an hour and ten minutes and then it broke down just when we were about 10-20 minutes away from riding. So, we stood in line for another fifteen minutes. And then, my mom suggested that we didn’t go on it because…     1. She was already nervouse about going on – 2. Both my mom and I were both a little skeptical about it breaking down – 3. My mom prayed to God that if it wasn’t time for us to go on or it wasn’t safe or something like that, that the ride would break down.

So, we wasted and hour and a half. And my mom said that it would be better to go next year when the get all the bugs worked out. So, Next year!!! But I am glad that we were ableto have fun riding all the other tides, including the Phantom’s Revenge! Well, that is all the amusement parks I am going to this year. At least for now.

At the end, we all decided that it would be best to go on a week day on the last week of August because all the public schooled kids are in school usually. Saturdays, especially sunny Saturdays, are not the time to go to Kennywood. But it is great on weekdays!!!! So Long!!


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