Washington DC: Day 1

WE ARE BACK!!!!  We arrived back home from Washington D.C. at 2:36 pm on Friday, July 23, 2010! And when we walked in the door, we saw that our cats had made a big mess. Oh well! We had a great time! My mom is going to pick our dog up now from the kennel, we are unpacking, returning the rental car, and I am writing this!!

I am going to write about each day in order. Now, I may not remember EVERYTHING. Got it? Cool.

PICK-UP:  First, we had to pick up our dads. Just to let you know, we went with some of our friends. So, I am talking about the two dads in the family when I say dads. Anyways, the whole reason we were doing this trip is because our Dads were biking all the way to DC. So, we picked them up. By the way, they had a good ride, but were very tired, at leasy my Dad was. We picked up our very muddy and sweaty dads. That is what we did first!

ZOO: Next, we went to the Washington Zoo. Or National Zoo. I think it is. I don’t know exactly. All I know is that it was a zoo in Washington DC. Our Dads went to the hotel though to check-in and take showers. So they dropped us off and we went in. We saw NO animals at first. Then they started to show up. Here are some of the animals…

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Cool, Huh? We saw a ton more animals. The Giant Pandas were cool. But they were inside so it was a little dark. As you can tell. The Red Panda was hiding up in a tree, so I couldn’t get a good picture of it.

Well, that is all we did on Day #1 except for drive there and unpack and get settled in the hotel. Well, look for more pictures and info! And look for Day #2!! Which was VERY busy. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Washington DC: Day 1

    • Yeah. I try to get Caleb and Matt and Steve and all them to look. But Steve seems to have disappeared and Matt just doesn’t do it and Caleb, well I don’t know about Caleb. Have you talked to Steven in a while?

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