My Guitar

Remember my Laguna LE200Q guitar? Well, the amp I got with it stopped working about a month ago. Or something like that.

By the Way, I am working on Day 2 of my Washington DC trip. I wrote 2 sentences yesterday and then decided I didn’t want to do that at that moment.

Anyways, We can’t figured out what is wrong with it. But we think it is a loose Solder Joint. And it costs $50 to fix it. I can get a better amp for $10 more. So, I am going to get the new amplifier. I want a Fender Frontman 15W amplifier or a Line 6 Spider IV amp. Which is 15W. So, I am stuck with a now Laguna LE200Q that actually is missing the high E string.

Well, I hope everyone has a good week!!! I’ll try to write Day 2 as soon as I can when I feel like doing it. As you can tell I don’t feel like doing it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Guitar

  1. Get some new strings! You can get a lot of strings for not a lot of bucks. Also, fender rocks. They make good amps that sound like much more expensive ones. Line 6 is too complicated and so is everything else.

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