Washington DC: Day 3

Well, Day 3 wasn’t as busy as the other days. Especially day 2.

OH MY GOODNESS! I forgot something in Day 2!!! Another thing we did was the Air and Space museum in DC. It was pretty cool. They had the Spirit of St. Louis and a bunch of other things.

Anyways, This day we went to the Archives. We saw the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. The Declaration was VERY faded. You couldn’t read two thirds of the document. The Constitution was more readable. So was the Bill of Rights but, still a little faded. You weren’t aloud to take pictures so I don’t have any. From what I remember, that is all we did. Because the Archives building had a whole museum inside of it and all this other stuff. So, it took us the whole morning to get through it. Then we went to a food court where My sisters, Mom and I all got Chinese food. And my Dad got tacos. Interesting, isn’t it?

Then, I saw a shirt I liked and a hat that I liked. So, I got them. Then, we went back to the pool where I kept throwing a little beach ball type thing at my dad when he wasn’t looking. And when he tried to through it back at me, I dodged it. Every single time!

Then me and my 11 year old friend went up in my, well, my family’s room, because we were in separate rooms, and played Mario Kart: Double Dash on the GAMECUBE. Then our Dads came up and we played 4 player! It was really fun! Ron, my friends dad, would always stay in the lead for most of the race, and then he would get hit with a shell of some sort right when he was about to cross the finish line. Then I would pass him and win! Hee Hee.

Well, that is about it besides us going to Outback then. Where I got a half rack of ribs with some fries. I ate the fries and ribs and was still hungry. Goo thing we ordered appetizers before hand! Wings!!!!!! They were SO good. Anyways, Have fun! And look for Day 4. And on Day 4 our friends left. Just incase I don’t mention that! 🙂


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