Favre Watch!

Wow! Things have been crazy after everyone thought that Favre “tested to some of his teammates” that he was done. I quoted that because today, Favre said that he did not do that. Favre said that he definitely would come back and play if he got healthy. But he doesn’t know yet.


If you don’t know what I am talking about, Brett Favre (Far-vvv) is a quarter back for the Minnesota Vikings and used to play for the Packers. He was a back-up on the Green Bay Packers at first and then the first string QB got hurt. It was Favre’s chance! And he took it! Since then, Favre has formed into one of the best QBs in the NFL, maybe even NFL history. But, then Favre said that he was going to retire in the 2008 offseason. They went through the retiring process. Afterwards, Favre told the Owner and the Coach of the Packers that he made a mistake retiring. But, the Packers said that they already had their QB. Aaron Rodgers had just taken Favre’s place over.

Well, then Favre said that he wanted to be released by the Packers to play for another team and the Packers denied. So, then Favre went to the NFL staff. Then, the Packers offered $20 million dollars for 10 years to Favre if he stayed retired. Favre denied. The NFL then Reinstated Favre. So, Favre went to the Packers training camp to meet with the coach to figure everything out. The Vikings were interested, but since Favre was not a Free Agent, the Packers did not want to trade him to them. Instead he went to the Jets for a 4th round draft pick in the 2009 draft.

Then, in the 2009 offseason, Favre says he will retire. Then the Jets release Favre and pick up Mark Sanchez in the draft. So, Favre can sign with any team if he wanted to unretire again. Then Favre got surgery done on his right shoulder. Then, Favre signs with the Vikings. Then, they get all the way to the NFC Championship game and lose it!

Now, we are in another situation were Favre is trying to decide if he should retire or not If he comes back, I think that it will be a Championship year for the Vikings and Favre. Because if he comes back, he will go to the Vikes. Well, here is a video that NFL.com has. It is kind of hard to hear.

It\’s Not About The Money


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