Washington DC: Day 4

Hello Everyone! It’s time for Day 4!!! This is basically our last day because we left on Day 5. So, we had the day all to ourselves because the other family that went with us was leaving that morning. So, what we decided to do was go to the Air and Space Museum, not the National Air and Space Museum, this is a different one. This one is by the Dulles Airport. The Dulles Airport is about 30 minutes West of Washington DC. So, we went there, and then came home and swam in the hotel pool!

When you drive up to the Air and Space Museum, there is a tower right in front of the building. It was the Donald D. Engen Tower.  This is supposed to be like a Control tower at an airport. That was VERY cool.

When you went up there, you could watch the airplanes land and take off at the airport, look around at all the scenery, and even hear examples of the pilots and people in the control towers communicating. But the best part was watching the planes land. Most of the planes that were taking off and landing looked like little Canadair Regional Jet 700’s or something. Then, all of a sudden, What looked like a 737 or something landed and it was huge compared to the others!!! I watched it from a long distance out until it landed. I also watched a 737 take-off! It was really cool!

Then we went into the hanger and there was the most amazing jet ever! The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird!!! It was AMAZING!! I didn’t realize how big it was!! This Stealth Fighter could go up to 2,000 mile per hour! And back when we didn’t even have cars, we thought that you couldn’t go 60 or 70 miles per hour without dying!!! There was also a 707 inside and also two other Boeings. One was a Bomber from WWII and the other was the first plane to give a pressurized fuselage.

We also saw a Space Shuttle! An actual Space Shuttle called the Enterprise. This shuttle never actually went into space. It was a shuttle they used to practice landing with! They would attatch the Enterprise to a 747 and then take-off. They would then let it go at a certain altitude. Then, the astronauts would land it! They also had satellites, moon landers, models of different moon landers, it was really cool.

They didn’t have any F-15’s or anything. But they did have some fighter jets. I think my favorite was the Blackbird. That was really cool! Another thing they had was a Concorde. This thing was the biggest plane they had! Well, longest. On the Concorde, the nose is so long that they actually made it so that while landing, they could lower the nose. That way, they could see the landing strip.

Amazing! Well, that was about it besides a bunch of other planes! This place was packed! Especially with old WWII planes. They were cool. But, I didn’t see any P-51 Mustangs, Andy. Of course we didn’t see a whole section because the place was too big and we wanted to get back to our hotel. There might have been one there.

Well, we came back to our hotel and swam and hung out. That Air and Space Museum gave me a good idea! I think that I might want to collect model airplanes! Either ones that you build or ones that are already together! But, not the ones you paint. I liked the models they had at the gift shop. They had really nice ones for around $20. That was pretty reasonable. Especially for a place like this!!! And for some pretty nice models. Well, that is it for my vacation. Because we left the next day.

See Ya!!!

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(Sorry, I coudln’t get a good picture of the blackbird in. It wouldn’t let me for some reason. Here. Here is a picture from online…)


4 thoughts on “Washington DC: Day 4

  1. Oh, Ok. I know which one. the one after the Boeing 707, right? The one that has that cool looking tail? It is also before the one that you said looked like a Tornado (not the wind and destruction type). But I know that it is not a Tornado. I just don’t know what it is then.

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