Update 2

WOW, I have gotten NO comments or anything since my last update. Last update was July 14th, and I had 63 posts, 122 comments, 3 pages, something like that. Now, I have 131 comments, 73 posts (That’s pretty good. And now 74.), 3 pages, 5 categories, and 56 tags. WOW. Here is my Update #1 post…

Guess what? I have 63 posts (now 64), 3 pages, 5 categories, 39 tags, and 122 comments!! Cool. I have been on here since, uh… maybe december-january.

Well, that is it for now! See ya!


Well, that is it. So, I need to get people to read my blog like birdbrain77 said. PEOPLE! READ MY BLOG!!! It’s cool.

Well, that’s it! See Ya! 

Whoa. I just looked at the word count for this post, and it is 117 words. This looks small, but there are a lot of words in it. Now it is 121. Now 133. Now, 134. Now, 135. Hee, Hee. I think that is enough! Oh! 144! Ok…


11 thoughts on “Update 2

  1. Wow, I have no idea who you are but, since you’re a friend of Andy’s I’ll trust you (maybe) Well looking at the amount of Comments and Posts and stuff here are mine…

    Comments: 7,748
    Posts: 132
    Pages: 6
    Categories: 4
    Tags: 0

    btw 145 words just sayin’

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