I can not believe that it is almost time for school to start! We are starting after Labor day since I am home schooled. But, the only reason that I am starting school after labor day is because I am doing 2 hours of school every week day now. We started that the 1st of August. I think it is pretty cool. But, I wish that we didn’t have to do school at all! for at least another month or 2. Well, can’t do anything about it.

I can’t wait for the Regular Season to start in football though! I think that this season is going to be exciting for some reason. Anyways, this year I am playing soccer for the school team. So, it is going to be tough. More tough than what I was doing before. Before, I was doing 1 practice a week and a game on Sunday. Now, it is going to be practice every day and at least 2 games a week. It’ll be fun. And exhausting. I am also doing a robotics group thing where we have to build a robot and make it do whatever we are supposed to make it do. Also, I am playing for my church some Wednesdays now. I am going to play electric guitar.

This fall is going to be busy. Well, Have a good rest of the summer!


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