It’s Saturday. I don’t have anything to post about. I think I am going to go play Madden 07 now actually. But I’ll finish this post. My friend Andy (birdbrain77) got tickets to the first Steelers preseason game vs. the Lions. And he invited me to go along with him and his Dad, so I am doing that today. That will be Fun!!! I’ll make sure to write a post about it, if it is exciting. The game starts at 7:30 PM. 

I don’t know what I am going to do the rest of the day though. Besides eat, and play Madden 07 ofcourse. Here, let me put in some pictures that might make this post become a little bit more interesting…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, those are all pictures that I took over the course of this year. The dog in that slide show is the family dog, Snickers, and the cat is one of the two family cats, named Petula. The other one is named Eddie. I didn’t have a good picture of him. And ofcourse, my two guitars. Some of our flowers. A flag in the air. All that cool stuff. Well, I am going to play Madden 07 now. Although I might go check Andy’s blog first! See Ya!


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