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Well, Saturday night was very interesting. In a fun kind of way though. My friend Andy and his Dad got 3 Steelers tickets to the first preseason game, and they invited me to come along with them. Thanks Andy!!!  It was against the Detroit Lions. The Detroit Lions main subject in the offseason was Ndamukong Suh, a Defensive Linemen. The Main event for the Steelers was Ben Roethlisberger getting a 4-6 week suspension.

Well, because Ben Roethlisberger got a 4-6 week suspension, Byron Leftwich started for the Steelers. Leftwich played exactly how I thought he was going to play, not to bad, but not to good either. Rashard Mendenhall was unimpressive. I do give him a little tiny bit of slack because it is the Preseason, but, there were a few plays were he should have had at least 5 yards instead of 0.

But, on the other hand, Isaac Redman, the second string RB, was very impressive. But, as Andy kept pointing out to me, he was playing against the second team defense of the Lions.

Even So, I think that Redman was very promising. If Mendenhall isn’t playing well in a game, I think that Redman can step up and hold the Steelers together.

Now, the quarter back situation is very interesting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have to pick a Quarter Back that can play for 4-6 weeks while Ben is out. You have Byron Leftwich, Dennis Dixon, and Charlie Batch. In the game, I think that Dixon definitaly showed that he could play. But, he ran the ball too much. He needs to do more passing now if he wants to become the starter for those few weeks. Because the Steelers have running backs, they need a QB. But, Dixon did show that he could run. Now, I disagree with Andy on the Michael Vick comment he made at the game. He said that Dixon was better than Vick. I think that Vick was better. Speed though, Dixon. But, with everything else, I think that Vick is better. Sorry Andy.

Leftwich was unimpressive to me. He can throw the ball OK, but he wasn’t consistent. And he wasn’t moving around in the pocket very well either. So far, I am going with Dixon for the starter. Because Leftwich hasn’t been impressive the last few years to me, and Batch has nothing against Dixon. I will agree with Andy here, Batch is probably going to be the one getting cut from the Steelers.

I had fun at the game! And I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the Preseason! Have Fun!


6 thoughts on “Impressive!

  1. I think the Steelers can actually stay afloat for the first few games during the Roethlisberger suspension if they start Byron Leftwich. Leftwich filled in nicely for Roethlisberger two years ago during their Super Bowl run and has a lot of experience in the league. Dennis Dixon is very talented and I think he has a lot of potential, so he wouldn’t be a bad alternative as well, but preseason games aside Leftwich has a track record in the NFL. In any case the Steelers can’t afford a slow start if they’re going to keep up with the Ravens and Bengals in the AFC North.

  2. Personally, I think that Dixon is the best fit. It doesn’t matter what sort of track record somebody has nearly as much with Pittsburgh. Playing QB in pittsburgh involves a lot of mobility and elusiveness, and while he can wing the ball 85 yards and hit a gnat, Byron Leftwich is not mobile or elusive. He’s slimmed down a lot, but he’s still an immobile cannon.

    As for Dixon being better than Vick, what I meant is he’s a better overall quarterback. Mike Vick is the best skill player in the history of the game, I believe, and if a player is what you are looking for, a guy who can concentrate on scoring a touchdown while doing a cartwheel over a guy is unbeatable. But really, I think Dixon has a better arm and might be a bit smarter when it comes to throwing ball. If you need a solid QB for what the Steelers do, then I think Dixon is the guy.

  3. Charlie says:

    The P-47 is what caught my eye. I learned to fly in a J-3 and began working at the local airport when I was 11. My mother made a cake that was a faximile of the airport with a red candle for the gas pump. I made the front page of our small local paper for my 12th birthday!

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