NFL Predictions: Colts

Colts helmet (1978-1994)

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Team #1! The INDIANAPOLIS COLTS. Let’s check the Schedule:

Colts Schedule and Troy’s Predictions:

  1.  Texans = W
  2. Giants = W
  3. Broncos = W
  4. Jaguars = W
  5. Chiefs = W
  6. Redskins = W
  7. BYE
  8. Texans = W
  9. Eagles = W
  10.  Bengals = L
  11.  Patriots = W
  12.  Chargers = L
  13.  Cowboys = L
  14.  Titans = L
  15.  Jaguars = W
  16.  Raiders = W
  17.  Titans = W

Bold: Games to watch Underline: Could go either way

Well, that would put the Colts at 12-4 (12 wins and 4 losses.) The two games that I said would be good to watch were the games against Cincinnati and New England. The New England Patriots have faced the Colts for a few years in a row, and it has become a heated rivalry because of the two top QBs, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. I think that both of these games could go either way, but I think that the Colts are going to win against the Pats and lose to the Bengals.Why the Colts over the Pats? Because the Patriots have been falling apart the past 2-3 years. I don’t know, but they seem to be getting worse. And along with them, Tom Brady. Wes Welker is now hurt, Randy Moss had a break out year, then he didn’t show that much. Tom, he has been OK. (Which is bad, because he’s my QB for fantasy football :-(.)

Why the loss to the Bengals? Well, the Bengals look promising to me for some reason this year. I think that Palmer is going to have a pretty good season and I think that having Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco on the same team as his WR, well, that could be fun!

There is one other thing, I think that Donald Brown is going to take the starting position from Joseph Addai as RB. So, anyways, that is it. Here is my summary:

  • Record: 12-4
  • Critical Games: Weeks 10-13
  • Key Players: Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Donald Brown

One thought on “NFL Predictions: Colts

  1. I think that Addai and Brown will split time. And by the way, on your predictions it actually is 12-4 not 13-3. I think that the bengals will beat the colts, as will the titans, but they will beat everyone else.

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