NFL Predictions: Saints

Team #2! The NEW ORLEANS SAINTS and SUPER BOWL XLIV CHAMPS! Let’s look at the schedule and my predictions for each game…

New Orleans Saints Schedule and Troy’s Predictions:

  1. Vikings = L
  2. 49ers = W
  3. Falcons = W
  4. Panthers = W
  5. Cardinals = W
  6. Buccaneers = W
  7. Browns = W
  8. Steelers = W
  9. Panthers = W
  10.  Bye
  11.  Seahawks = W
  12.  Cowboys = L
  13.  Bengals = W
  14.  Rams = W
  15.  Ravens = L
  16.  Falcons = W
  17.  Buccanners = W

Bold: Games to talk about Under line: Could go any way

I switched the Bold from Games to watch to games I am going to talk about. I am going to talk about two games that I think are the most important for them. And I switched the italic to under line because you couldn’t really see the italicness. Ok?

Alright! The Saints schedule is kind of easy in my opinion compared to others. My prediction for the Saints overall record is 13-3.

I have the 3 losses as the Vikings, Cowboys, and Ravens. They are all going to be close though. I don’t think that the Saints offense is going to have as good a season as last years. I don’t think that the passing game is going to be amazing, but I think that the running game is going to get better. The D, I don’t know how they can top what they did last year, let alone come close.

The two games that I think the Super Bowl Champs are going to lose are against the Cowboys and Vikings. The first one is against the Vikings. The Saints beat the Vikes last year in the NFC Championship game. I think that the Vikings are going to want to get the Saints back for that. But now, with Sidney Rice out until at least week 6, it is going to be a little harder for the Vikings to do that. But, I still think they can do it.

(Drew Brees)

The other game is the Cowboys. The Cowboys have been talked about a lot during the offseason. Now, I don’t think that the Cowboys are as good as everyone says they are, but they do have a chance to get to the Super Bowl. I don’t think they will win it though. I really think that if the Vikings get there, they will win. But, we are talking about the Saints and Cowboys right now. The Cowboys have a very good offense and a pretty good D. I would switch that for the Saints. I think they have a pretty good Offense and a very good D. So, it will be tough.

Now, you are probably wondering why I picked the Saints to beat the Bengals but the Ravens to beat the Saints. Because I think that the Bengals do not have a good enough Defense to stop the Saints. And then the Saints D is to good for the Bengals to then keep up with them. Now you are probably asking why I have the Bengals beating the Colts. Well, because the Colts don’t have a good enough Defense to stop the Bengals offense. But, the Bengals have a pretty good D to stop the Colts, at least enough to win. 

Then, the Ravens have a VERY good defense and a pretty good offense too. So, I think that the Saints are going to struggle a little against the defense of the Ravens. The Baltimore offense is going to struggle also, but not as much I don’t think.

Well, that is about it for the Saints. I hope you enjoyed this post! Next up, the Chargers!



  • Record: 13-3
  • Critical Games: Weeks 1, 3, 12, 13, 16
  • Key players: Drew Bress, Marques Colston, Darren Sharper

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