His fault!

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THE STEELERS WON THEIR FIRST GAME! AWESOME! I wasn’t able to see it because I saw something that I think was a little cooler than the Steelers game. The THUNDERBIRDS!!! They are an acrobatic air team, I guess. They do all these different little tricks in F-16 jets. It was AWESOME. But, I am not here to talk about that. I might talk about that in a different post. But, for now… it is football.

Alright people. There was a play in WEEK 1 OF THE 2010-2011 NFL SEASON (You can tell that I am excited about the start of football season, can’t you?) that I think the officials got wrong. It was in the Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears game. Matthew Stafford threw a long ball into the endzone for Calvin Johnson. Calvin Johnson caught the ball, started to fall down with the ball reached out in one hand and landed on the ground. Then, he tried to get up and… Well, watch the video…


I think that he caught the ball. I do know that being an official is tough sometimes, but that one should have been an almost sure TD to me. He landed on his 2 feet, behind, left hand, and then the ball hit the ground and then it popped loose. Just like the guys were waying on NFL Network. (If you can’t get the video to work, just tell me.) I think that the Lions should have got that TD and it would have been 21-19.

But, another thing that they discussed was if the NFL should change the rule of catching a ball when you are falling down… yeah. I think that is fine just the way it is. If you let the ball go, that’s your fault! The Jaguars WR in the video was a TD also. So, yeah. If you drop the ball, that’s your fault. Good job if you catch it!

Calvin Johnson’s catch should have been a TD in my opinion, They shoiuldn’t change the rule, and the Thunderbirds were AMAZING! Those are the 3 points in this post! Have fun!

Here are some pictures of the Thunderbirds…


4 thoughts on “His fault!

  1. birdbrain77 says:

    It’s all an issue of the rule. The rule is that you have to control the ball all the way to the ground and complete a “football move”, which in my humble opinion is ridiculous. Once you have possession of the ball in the endzone, I think the play should be dead right there.

    • Well, yes. That is what I think it should be, but, I don’t think they should change it anywhere out of there. That’s kind of what I got from the people in the video. So, I don’t know if I miss intereprited (i don’t know if i spelled that right or not) or something, but it sounded like they were thinking big on changing this rule.

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