Weekend in Review!

Well! This has been an exciting, action packed weekend for me! How about everyone else?!?!?!

The first thing we did was go to Gettysburg, PA. That was pretty fun! It was a 3-4 hour drive. I couldn’t exactly tell. We left on Friday and came back on Saturday. Those are all the basic facts, besides we saw the battlefield, a movie clip, and a WWII Camp thingy. Let’s get started…

First, we saw a little clip about Gettysburg and the war. It was pretty neat. It explained how all of the armies, divisions, regiments, and all those things moved through the whole battle. Then, it ended and we went up into this room with a big giant painting going around a platform which we were standing on. It was, well… is, called a Cyclorama. Here is a website about Cycloramas (Wikipedia).


And you are in the center of it where the guy is standing, and there is a painting on the colorful inside part. It was cool. And they had a whole show with it. They had lights showing different things on the painting and all this stuff.

Then, we some of our family went to the bathroom, so my Dad and sister went into the gift shop there across from the Bathrooms. Well, that was good and bad. Because then we spent another 45 minutes in there, but we got some christmas presents for family members that are out-of-town. And I got a souvenir. It is a replica of a Napoleon Cannon.

They were very popular cannons during the Civil War. So, then we went to the Hotel and went swimming. They had an indoor pool! It was really nice!

On Saturday, we went to a WWII encampment thingy. They had a lot of WWII Jeeps. And some truck tank type things. I am not exactly sure what they are. It was pretty cool. I always like stuff like the thing we went to. Because you can touch the different things, see how heavy they are, talk to different people, and all that fun stuff! My favorite part was when a guy explained to us how the Switch boards and telephones were used. He actually had a working switchboard and telephones from WWII. It was pretty nice. So, he showed us how everything worked!

Then, we ate at KFC and left for Home! On to Sunday! (I’m doing that in another post.)


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