Paint All Over!

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Well, I don’t know if you could tell, but I was fighting with paint today for about 3 and a half hours! That of course means that I was in a paint ball fight! Our friends have a few paint ball guns, and they invited my dad and I over for some fightin’! Well, my dad wasn’t feeling like he could play today. He said he feels like he has broncitus or something.

So, it was Alex (12 years old), his Dad, and me (13). It was me and Alex agianst Alex’s dad. They have a whole bunch of woods back behind their house so, we went back there and set up 2 flags. The rules were:

1. If you get hit, your out and you have to touch your flag to get back in.

2. If you touch the other team’s flag, you win!

3. Don’t go too far off into the woods.

4. If all your players are hit, then the oppostition wins.

5. No close range shooting.

6. If you run out of ammo, you are out the rest of the round (game).

So, we started up. The first few were basically the same thing: We run around a little, shoot a little, and then we (Alex and I) win. Then, we took a break. We went inside their house, checked the Steeler game, checked fantasy teams, and drank some water. Then, we went out, and got some more paint balls. Then, we went back and got ready.

Alright, I am going to tell you about the next 2 hours a little more in-depth. We started out and Alex’s dad won one game. Then, there was a game were me and Alex were running around in the middle of the playing field looking for Alex’s dad. Then, all of the sudden, Alex’s dad open fired on Alex while we were looking the opposite direction. But, right when I heard his shots, I turned around and spotted him. I brought up my gun super quick and open fired. I got him right away near the neck.

The second game I am going to tell you about is when Alex and I were up on the high ground (we were playing on a hill), and Alex’s dad was in a sniper position watching us. There was brush and trees all around him, so I don’t know how Alex saw him, but Alex found him and fired. And guess what? He got him!

A third game took forever! It was the longest (and the last) battle that we played today (Sunday). At first, it seemed like everyone was waiting for the opposition to come out onto their side. I know that is what we were doing. Then, I finally saw Alex’s dad poking around on a quad trail that went right down the center of the field, cutting it in half, long ways.

But, stretch that square out a little, up and down. The line going North and South is basically the quad trail, except that it is a little more twisty. And the line going East and West is basically the line splitting us. But, you could cross the line any time, you didn’t have to stay on your side. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get the flag.

Anyways, I saw him, but couldn’t see him enough that I was able to shoot at him. So, I waited. He evetually came out enough that I shot. But, I missed. Then, he started running around above us on the high ground. Then, he moved back down into the middle of the field.

While he was down there, I moved to the low ground and tried to find him. Then, I saw him spying on me at a 90 degree angle from where I was looking. So, I turned and right away shot at the tree he was hiding behind. He ducked behind the tree and I waited. He shot a few shots at me and then I noticed that he had left. Then, Alex started yelling that he saw his dad. So, I started running back behind a fallen tree, that still had many leaves on its branches, so I couldn’t see much and he couldn’t see me. Then, I saw him and shot a few times through the leaves of the tree. A few leaves fell, and then he saw me and shot at me. A little paint splattered on my goggles from the paint balls hitting the branches. I tried to find a place where I could see him and shoot at him through the leaves, but that it was going to be hard for him to see me.

It was pretty nerve-racking, back there behind enemy lines with him shooting a lot of bullets at me. He had started to fire through a hole that he found in the leaves, and he could see me, I guess, through that hole. So, he shot! Of course! He never hit me though.

Then, I saw him running down the quad path to try to get our flag. I tried to run through the brush, but it was going to be too long and hard to get to the trail quick enough. So, I started to just jog, and then, I heard it. He had won again!

Afterwards he said that he knew he was never going to make it by shooting us. So, he ran.

It was really fun! Back in the woods. Ahhhh. Such fun! Shooting people… with paint! (And it sometimes hurts!)

Have Fun!! (Yeah, I know I posted this on Monday… and it says today (sunday) somewhere in the post. Oh well!)


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