Down South

Ok. This is really late, but…

You betcha! I went down south the past week (The week of the 8th of November), and it was FUN! My dad works for a company down there in Atlanta, Georgia! He goes down there every other week. And we decided to go with him this week! The only problem was that we had to drive down there, which was 12 hours without stopping, but, of course we had to stop! So, it took us about 13-14 hours. It was ok since we had a WHOLE LOT of movies, our Nintendo DS lites, books, all those fun things. One of the movies was Toy Story 3! My dad bought it, I think it was for the trip. So, we now have Toy Story 1, 2, and 3! The only thing is that Toy Story 1 and 2 are both VHS tapes, so we can’t play them on a DVD player.

Atlanta is a pretty cool city. It is so much bigger than our main city up here. There were highways all over, huge buildings, it was pretty cool. It was funny traveling through and around the city because as you can see in this picture…

There are highways basically starting in the middle and going out. Then, Atlanta is surrounded by another highway. So, we basically going on highways the whole time we were in Atlanta. While in our city, we have streets. PLENTY of streets. There are so many streets that It makes me dizzy!

Well, the first day, we did a little school in the morning because my Dad had to work Monday, Teusday, and Wednesday. So, then we went swimming in the pool at the hotel. It was pretty nice. They have an inside pool and an outside pool. They are both connected, but during closing and the winter, they put a barrier in between them. But, when it is open… you can swim under the wall and go from the inside to the outside, or vice versa. But, of course it was closed because it is fall! Oh, here is our hotel and its pool.

If you look at the one with the pool almost to the top left corner, and where it looks like a little square goes into the wall. That is where you can swim through to the outside. Cool, huh?

On the second day, we did school again, then we went to Stone Mountain. That was pretty cool. Stone Mountain is the largest piece of granite in the world. Or something like that. It is granite, and it is the largest something. I am pretty sure that it is the largest piece of granite though. We went up in these cable cars to go to the top. That was pretty cool. I got some good pictures there. I might post ’em later.

On the third day of being in Atlanta (Wednesday), my Dad was still working. So, we did school in the morning and then, we went to see an Anne Frank exhibit. It was ok. I got kind of bored looking at the timeline they set up.

But, on Thursday and Friday is when the exciting stuff happened. Thursday we went to the Georgia Aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium is the biggest aquarium in the world I think. One of the tanks there is the only tank that can hold… I think it was 6 full grown Whale Sharks! That is big! Whale sharks can get up to 40 ft long. But, I think they said that the average is 30-35 ft. So, 30 times 6 equals… (let me get my calculator) 180 ft! That’s pretty big! I didn’t get any pictures there, because I couldn’t find my camera until the day we left. So, sorry, I can’t give you any pics of them. Except the ones off the internet!

That place was really cool! There were a lot of touch tanks too. And by touch tanks, I mean tanks with animals that you could touch in them. There were shrimp, sting rays, horse shoe crabs, sea anemone, these snail type things, sea stars, hammer head shark looking things (but they weren’t) all sorts of cool stuff! Other things in the aquarium were beluga whales, sea turtles, a LOT of lionfish, jellyfish, and even guitar fish!

Above is a guitar fish from the Georgia Aquarium. Anyways… on Friday we went to the World Of Coca-Cola. It is sort of a museum of Coca-Cola‘s past. So, they have walls of history, display cases, how it got so popular, a little movie (which I will post for you), and even a taste room for tasting every single product (0r at least I thought it was every product) that Coca-Cola made.

Here is the movie that they showed…

Do you recognize the part were the people put the coin in the hole and then they do “their thing”? That part is a commercial from some super bowl, I forget which one…

So, yeah. That was the commercial. But, there was a bunch of museums. Then, we got to the taste part. That was fun. Our whole family tasted every single one. After a while, everything started to taste really sweet, and sometimes  not that great. Maybe it was because I was drinking so mainy different flavors, or it was just… the flavor. But, Coca-Cola is definately Coke’s best drink.

I had fun on my vacation! Atlanta is a pretty cool place! I would definately reccomend it. And all the attractions there. I especially recommend the aquarium and World of Coca-Cola museum. They are really cool! Sorry this was so long! Talk later!


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