Disappearing Act

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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WOW! I just finished watching something on TV. I want you to guess what it was…

Today is Sunday. It is 4:51 PM. This event was located in Buffalo, NY. I love football, especially the NFL. My favorite team wears black & gold.

What do ya think? Yep! I watched the week 12 game: Steelers @ Bills. Woo!!!! That was fun! Final score was 19-16. The Steelers dominating in the first half, but not in points. The Steelers had scored 13 points in the 1st half. Then, all of the sudden the Steelers “disappeared” and the bills totally exploded out of their shell. The Bills scored 16 points and the Steelers would score 3 points. Then, the half ended and they went to overtime. A whole lot of changes of possesions happened during overtime. Then, finally the Steelers got the ball one more time and, “reappeared” to put it away.

The final score being 19-16. The Bills fall to 2-9 with the loss and the Steelers get the win and move to 8-3. Alright, so the Steelers are 8-3 and are a Wild Card team. They are second in their division behind the Baltimore Ravens (Who are playing right now against the Buccanneers). The teams behind the Steelers are, well, let me just put the playoff picture up. Just to let you know, this is an updated version from today after the 1 PM games. So, some teams have not played yet. So, what I said in this last paragraph may be a little different.

Seeds (Updated through Week 12 — Sunday 1 p.m. games)


Seed Team Division Record
1  N.Y. Jets East 9-2-0
2  Pittsburgh North 8-3-0
3  Indianapolis South 6-4-0
4  Kansas City West 6-4-0
5  New England East 9-2-0
6  Baltimore North 7-3-0
Still Alive
7  Jacksonville South 6-5-0
8  Oakland West 5-5-0
9  San Diego West 5-5-0
10  Miami East 5-5-0
11  Houston South 5-6-0
12  Tennessee South 5-6-0
13  Cleveland North 4-7-0
14  Denver West 3-7-0
15  Buffalo East 2-9-0
16  Cincinnati North 2-9-0
Eliminated: None


So, as you can see, the Jaguars are the closest. But, I think that the Chargers are the most dangerous for the Steelers. The Chargers are coming back and are facing the Colts tonight. So, that should be fun as well.

I think the Steelers are going to struggle these next few weeks. Next they have the Baltimore Ravens, then the Bengals, then the NY Jets. The Ravens and Jets are going to give the Steelers the most trouble, and even though the Bengals are not doing so well this year, the Bengals always give the Steelers at least an OK match-up.

The other games on the Steelers schedule are against the Panthers on Thursday night, and then against the Browns. Those two games are going to be pretty easy, although the Browns may give the Steelers a little trouble. So, at the end, my prediction is that the Steelers are going to go 11-5 with the two losses going to the Ravens and Jets.

I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the games this week and the rest of the season! I want to see how the Steelers do in the next few weeks and, if they go, the playoffs. Talk later! I might put the playoff picture up after the games are finished. GO STEELERS!


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