AHHH!! I noticed that it is also snowing on and a lot of blogs on and all this stuff. The snow machine must be working really hard up there this year. Maybe we’ll have another HUGE snowfall again this winter. In ways, that’s fun and in ways, that’s bad. Such as driving. It’s bad when only half the road is open because they are trying to clear them, but they can’t do it in one simple plow through the snow. And that means a WHOLE LOT OF SHOVELING for me.

But, it’s fun to PLAY in the snow (not work in it). We made this awesome fort las year in the snow. The fort part wasn’t that awesome, but the tunnel you went through to get in it was pretty cool. We made it out of the snow my dad shoveled off our back porch. It was a big pile. Probably 4-5 ft tall.

Have fun this December! I know I said that in my last post, but HAVE FUN!!!


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