It’s a Miracle!

Wow! I am feeling a lot better. My achy feeling is pretty much gone, my throat has gotten worse though, and my nose is a little stuffy. So I did school today (unlike yesterday which I just sat around feeling achy ad watching TV and playing Xbox). Oh, and BTW, if I am spelling achy wrong, then tell me.

Another “miracle” is that we don’t really have anything this week. I do have an orthodontist appointment though. I am starting a treatment tomorrow. It is these two bars towards the back of my mouth that pull my top jaw back and my bottom jaw forward because I have a pretty bad over bite. Because it is toward the back of my mouth you probably wont be able to see them, unless I open kind of wide. The orthodontist said that I may be wearing this for about 1 and a half years. He also said that I might wear 4 braces on my top front teeth while doing the bar things. Then, after that is done, I will get a full set of braces for about a year. So, the orthodontist said it would be about 2 and a half years. But for tomorrow, I am just getting spacers in.

Well, I hope you enjoy not being sick! Talk Later! Oh, and I hope you have some “miracles” in your life this week!


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