Good Christian Men Rejoice!

Well, yesterday I played my buddy birdbrain77’s 6 string guitar and birdbrain played his 12 string… for caroling! We played at a local nursing home with our homeschool group. It was fun! Playing guitar is usually fun, to me anyways. The people at the nursing home seemed to enjoy the Christmas carols as well. This one lady was, as one of the moms said, “our fan club”, because she kept following us around with a smile on her face.

Christmas carols are fun to play on the guitar. And they are fun to sing, sometimes. They aren’t as fun to sing when they are not in the key that you can sing in. The keys we were playing in were sort of low for a lot of people. But, for me they were just fine… because I have a low voice. 🙂

As I said, it was fun. I think everyone enjoyed it.

Other than that… we haven’t really been doing anything for Christmas. We did finally get the house decorated on the inside. We have had the tree up for a week or two now. But on the outside, there is pretty much nothing. Other than a few things that we hung on the windows.

It is also hard to believe that Christmas is 4 days away.

Well, have a Merry Christmas!!!!


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