Yes, wii got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas! It is the black version. It had Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resorts in the box. We also got a robins egg blue controller. But, we didn’t get the nunchuk to go with it. So, we have a black controller and a blue controller, and a black nunchuck. Then, I got Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for the Wii. I don’t know how many Hot Pursuits there are in the NFS series, but this is the new one that came out in November. I havenb’t figured out how to be a cop in career mode yet, but I REALLY want to. Maybe you have to earn it or something.

I also got NHL 2K 11 for the Wii, and this ocean game that I forget what it is called. We haven’t tried the ocean one yet. But I did try NHL 2K 11. It’s pretty cool. You can juggle the puck in the middle of the game, flick the remote to shoot, shake the nunchuck to do a deke, all that fun stuff! And… you can drive the zamboni after every period. It’s pretty fun!

I also got a telescope. We haven’t tried it yet… 1. because it is snowing and cloudy outside… and 2. it is cold out. But, I think it will be cool when we try it. I also got the movie i,Robot. I’m sure you have seen it before. It has Will Smith in it, and basically, these robots are trying to take over the world. A typical robot movie. But, it is cool!

Then, I got a few shirts and some candy in my stocking. I also got i,Robot in my stocking as well.

Well, Christmas day has past, and we are on to new years! 2011! I hope you had a good Christmas and I hope you have a happy New Year!


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