Drive to Dallas

Well, just for the fun of it… here is what I had before the weekend. So, enjoy:


No, no. I did not go on a vacation to Dallas. Although that would be nice. Anyways, what I am talking about is the Super Bowl! The Super Bowl is being played in Dallas this year and the gate to the Super Bowl, the playoffs, is about to be opened. Two teams are going to face-off in the big game, and only one will come out with the win!

This Saturday, the first game of the 2011 NFL Playoffs is being played. The 11-5 New Orleans Saints are trying to be the world chamions for the second year in a row. But the 7-9 Seahawks are ready for their big run to the Super Bowl. That game (Seahawks @ Saints) is at 4:30 PM ET, and I don’t think it will be a close game. The Seahawks are a surprising team to be in the playoffs because they are below .500. Even though they are under .500, they can still defeat these higher teams that have made it into the playoffs.

I think that the Saints are going to win this game 31-17. The Saints can dominate teams with the passing game, and with Reggie Bush back, they will hopefully have another threat in the running game to balance out the agressivness that teams have had on the Saints passing game.

The next game on Saturday is Jets @ Colts. The Colts (10-6) are in the 3 seed for the AFC playoff picture. While the Jets (11-5) have the 6 seed (wild card spot) in the playoff picture. I think that the Colts are going to win this one, but it will be close. The Colts defense is not as good as many defenses. The Jets D was supposed to be amazing, but hasn’t really been. But they still were able to play good offense, and good D, to be able to get into the playoffs. My Prediction is that the Colts will win with an interception return for a TD to make the score 34-24.


4 thoughts on “Drive to Dallas

  1. Cookie Monster says:

    HA! THE SEAHAWKS WON!!!!!!!!!

    hey did you hear about that earthquake that happened RIGHT UNDER QUEST FIELD at the EXACT SAME TIME as marshawn lynch’s amazing touchdown run?! where he broke through like 5 tackles??

    people are saying the tremors probably knocked some of the players out of his way

    insanity at work, right there…

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