Madden Simulation 2

Hey! I am working on another Madden Simulation. But this time, I am letting the computers battle it out. I had to save the game and quit last night, but so far, it is 0-0 and I think it is about 7 minutes into the 1st quarter.

The most exciting thing that has happened so far is Jackson (GB running back) fumbled the ball when, I think it was Harrison, hit him in the back field. And then Haggans (PIT linebacker) picked up the ball and ran for a touchdown. Then Green Bay challenged the play. I was watching the replay, and it didn’t look like his knee or elbow or anything touched the ground at first. But then I saw his knee hit. And that’s what happened. So, it was just a loss of yards for GB. So, check back for the rest of the game. I will probably do it today.


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