Madden Simulation #2

Guess what! I did the Madden preview, except with both teams being played by the computer. In the first quarter, not much happened. In the second quarter Jeff Reed made a 30 something field goal to make it 3-0. Then Troy Polamalu got two interceptions in the final 2 minutes of the 1st half.  In the 3rd quarter nothing happened. Then, in the 4th quarter the Steelers scored 10 points and the Packers scored 7 points. So, the final score was 13-7 Steelers!

Here are some stats…

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) had a passer rating of 32.7 and had 164 yardswith 0 TDs and 2 Interceptions. Brett Favre (Yes he was still on GB in ’08) on the other hand had a passer rating of 22.4 and had 125 yards with 0 TDs and 3 interceptions.

Brandon Jackson (GB) had 17 attempts for 59 yards and 1 touchdown. He almost had one fumble as I said in the last post. And Willie Parker (PIT) had 17 attempts for 42 yards and 1 touchdown. Willie didn’t have any fumbles at all.

In the recieving category, Donald Driver (GB) had 6 receptions for 71 yards and 0 touchdowns. His longest catch was for 27 yards. On Pittsburgh, Hines Ward had 5 receptions for 90 yards and 0 touchdowns. His longest catch was 26 yards.

On defense, Troy Polamalu (I think everyone knows he plays for PIT) had 2 tackles and none of them were for a loss. He also had 2 interceptions, but 0 sacks. On Green Bay, A. Kampman (I don’t know his first name… or who he is.) had 7 tackles and 1 of those tackles was for a loss. He had 2 sacks and 0 interceptions.

So, keep in mind that in Madden ’08 (That’s the version I have) Pittsburgh and Green Bay went 8-8. So, they weren’t the best teams ever. 2008 is when the Giants beat the New England Patriots on an amazing game ending drive. That was fun!

That’s right, that was the play that David Tyree made in that game. Amazing! Anyways, I think 13-7 is a much more reasonable score than 63-24… or whatever the score was of my first simulation.

My prediction though for this game is that the Steelers take home the trophy with the score 21-17.


One thought on “Madden Simulation #2

  1. To correct things, your madden is actually for the year that the Colts beat the Bears. Madden runs one year ahead, because that’s the year the super bowl is played. But thanks for posting your simulations. I really look forward to watching this game.

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